If you are using Google AdWords to get visitors to your site you already know how expensive it can be to acquire new leads. We price our leads at around 50% of what it would take to generate a lead if you used AdWords. Of course there are certain risks using AdWords:

  • The risk of messing up the ads
  • The risk of Google sending bad traffic
  • The risk of investing in SEO promises + AdWords managing costs.

All the risk is shifted to us.

It’s totally free, you only pay for qualified leads, and that is verified before we send you the bill, you get a full report with a chance to dispute each call/email. If ever you think a lead is junk or if the phone call is under 30 seconds, we’ll (of course) remove it from your bill. So literally, this is no risk , ground floor opportunity.

Our leads are exclusive – you will be the only one getting those leads. We don’t have any setup fees. We don’t lock you in any contracts, you can cancel at anytime.

We only work with businesses that can meet certain criteria.