Here are website traffic charts showing how many new visitors our clients started getting after we started implementing our SEO strategy.

Industry: Medical Devices


Client2Industry: Medical Devices
Target: USA
Competition: High
Average Daily Website Visitors: 60
All 3 Main Keywords: Top 3
35 Keywords: First Page
Before we started our SEO campaign website wasn’t getting any visitors, we were able to double the traffic every month since the start of the campaign.

Industry: Car Equipment


Client1Industry: Car Equipment
Target: National UK
Competition: Medium
Average Daily Website Visitors: 179
4 Main Keywords: TOP 1
2 Main Keywords: TOP 3
124 Keywords: First Page

Website was getting only a few daily visitors, after starting with the campaign we managed to
double the traffic every month for 5 consecutive months, now the website gets 179 visits each day.

Industry: Wedding

GoldenLeadsClient2picture2GoldenLeadsClient2picture1Industry: Wedding
Target: Global
Competition: Very High
Average Daily Website Visitors: 77
Main Keyword: Top 3



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