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Our proven strategy will help you dominate your competition by taking over Google, driving more customers to your website, increasing the volume of inquires and customers who want to purchase your services or goods.

How we do it:

Good rankings aren’t the only thing to focus on. Relevancy is the key to success. Having great rankings for irrelevant keywords that people don’t use when searching for a business like yours won’t add to your sales volume or increase your firm’s online visibility. These are the potential clients that will buy from you, so good SEO should focus on your return on investment in the form of conversions and revenue.

Rankings are all very well, but unless they’re making you money, they’re worthless. Our Delaware SEO company can help you to turn your website into your most powerful marketing tool. We want to see those sales streaming in to your business, and we know how to get you the online attention you deserve.

Our premier SEO company can make your business stand out in a highly competitive market. We know that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and we tailor our solutions to your business, your needs and your business objectives.
7 Secrets to Hiring the Right SEO Agency

7 Secrets to Hiring the Right SEO Agency

You may be wondering how you’re to choose a good SEO company when you don’t know the first thing about SEO yourself. However, it makes sense that some SEO companies are good, while others aren’t. How will you tell the

Our Client Results

Our Client Results

Here are website traffic charts showing how many new visitors our clients started getting after we started implementing our SEO strategy. Industry: Medical Devices Industry: Medical Devices Target: USA Competition: High Average Daily Website Visitors: 60 All 3 Main Keywords:

Our Seo Services

SEO Services

Our SEO Strategies Are Based On: Keyword Research Competitive Analysis On Site SEO / Copywriting International / Country-wide / Local Search Optimization Google Places (Maps) Optimization Video SEO Tracking and Reporting Our Premier SEO Company Vs. Most SEO Companies View



Our Delaware SEO Experts Know How it Works!

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter in a bid to give people the search results they need. What may have worked last year or even last month, won’t necessarily improve your rankings. Our Delaware SEO company is always learning because SEO is always changing. We use the best practices and strategies that stand the test of time, while continuously adapting to the ever-changing seo landscape. At Silver City Digital, we’re always up to the challenge.

Harnessing technology for targeted SEO strategies

Apart from making sure that we’re up to date with the way in which algorithms rank your website, we’ve a wide range of analytical software that helps us to analyze your and your competitors websites. That’s the first step in the process, and we use this as the basis for our recommendations. We enjoy the challenge of determining, employing and delivering the best SEO tactics available – and we keep looking for new and better ways of getting relevant search engine results that will get you new clients.

White hat SEO tactics win the best rankings

It’s all about ethics. Back in the day, keyword stuffers and link farmers managed to get great rankings on irrelevant content, but the search engines are getting cleverer all the time. Search engines are designed to give people relevant search engine results. After all, if you do a search for a local service you don’t want to end up with search results that take you to the local laundry or fish and chip shop! When Google introduced its new search engine algorithms, many sites suffered penalties or found that their search engine rankings had suddenly plummeted, but we’re proud to say that the websites we worked on were able to maintain their great rankings.

We treat your website with as much care and dedication as we would our own

Our Delaware Search Engine Optimization services are aimed at not only meeting, but exceeding expectations. Nowadays, when people are searching for a product or service in their area, they simply whip out their smart phones and start searching the internet. The website with the top search engine ranking usually gets the business. We know how to make this growing trend work for you and your business. At Silver City Digital we do everything in-house, we don't outsource SEO.

Quick facts

65% of Google users will only click on first page results.

32% of Google users only click the number one search result.

Only 14% of Google users will click on the number two result.

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Make the Facts Work for You With Your Premier Delaware SEO Company

What is your vision for your website? We can help you to achieve it. Get your promotions noticed, get more people noticing your website and your business. Your website can work for your business, but first you need people who know how to fulfil the brief.

At Silver City Digital, we have the answers you’re looking for. Back in the days when print advertising campaigns, radio or TV advertising were the only ways to raise awareness about your business, marketing was a costly exercise. Now even small businesses can afford to market their businesses and get great results.

Our SEO experts are at your service. Allow us to devise an effective SEO campaign that will give you measurable results and improve your business revenues.

• So we got you the top spot. What about the rest of the page? No matter how competitive the search term, we’ll ensure that you get multiple spots on the first page.

• What you see is what you get. The people you talk to will also be the people who do the work – and we don’t try to ‘cheat’ search engines. We just give them good food for thought.

• Some Delaware SEO agencies will try to get a long term lock-in contract from you. With a month-to-month contract from Silver City Digital, you can be confident that we’ll keep on performing and giving you the results you need. Why should you keep paying an seo agency if they can’t deliver the desired results?

Our Delaware Search Engine Optimization Agency Delivers!

If you don’t get the top spot on Google, someone else will! At the very least, you need to ensure that your business is on page 1 of search engine results. If it isn’t there, you’re losing money, you’re missing out on sales and someone else is getting the business. The internet may be the worldwide web, but with just about every business in every town having a website, people are hitting the internet rather than the high street when looking for specific businesses. Nobody lugs a phone book around, but everyone has a smart phone in their pockets nowadays

Free website analysis and assessment

We want our clients (and this means you) to get the best search engine rankings thereby beating competitors hollow and getting all the new business for themselves. You want to know just what it’s going to take to improve your business website. For absolutely no charge, we’ll provide you with the results of our analysis and the facts to back it up. Then we’ll make recommendations as to the changes that should be implemented and you can decide for yourself whether you’d like us to go ahead and make you the ruler of Google page 1. Don’t miss out! Contact us today.